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About Me


Cleaning, for me, was and is a way of life. It’s my calling, my passion, my purpose! When I clean, I feel a sense of peace and blessedness. I always felt that God has given me the ability to overturn what I see and think when it comes to cleaning. No job is the same and each is unique. I believe when you love what you do, you prosper.

As a child growing up, cleaning was one of the ways my family would come together to laugh and dance and take heed on life lessons. My grandma, along with my mom, would always say in their native tongue French/Creole, “un endroit pour tout et n’importe quoi à sa place” which means “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Cleaning was more than a chore to us - it brought suture, discipline, and respect. It taught us to be thankful and to value what we had. From then on, wherever or whatever I clean, I continue to reciprocate and impart the same positivity that I felt while cleaning with my family growing up. Now as a mother, the same lessons that were passed down from my grandma and my mother, to me, are being passed down to my children. Cleaning is truly something that is dear to me that I can share with them and with the world!

Whether it’s your home or your workspace, I take delight and pride in myself in having the opportunity to clean for you!

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